D*Face has been a leading figure in urban art for well over a decade. A contemporary of Banksy, he is at the forefront of the urban art movement and has had a constant presence throughout its meteoric rise into popular culture. This long-awaited monograph shows the development of his career as an artist to date, encompassing his continuing street work and the path that led him from the early beginnings of the street art genre to multiple sell-out solo exhibitions around the world. Containing previously unseen images of his working processes and studio as well as firsthand anecdotes and the stories behind his extraordinary work, the book provides an insider's view of one of Britain's most important urban artists. "D*Face is one of Britain's leading 'newbrow' artists, and damn if he isn't as sharp and clever - if not quite as surreptitious - as Banksy (and sharper and cleverer by half than Damien Hirst)." - Peter Frank, Los Angeles Art Critic, 2011

The Art Of Dface

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Số trang: 348 Kích thước: 245 x 295 x 37 mm Ngày xuất bản: 11-2013 Công ty Phát hành: Laurence King Publishing