Blue is the New Black: The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection

"Written for fashion graduates, newbie entrepreneurs and those in entry-level positions in the industry, Blue is the New Black demystifies the process of how to make a fashion collection accessible for all levels. It s a reference guide, a buddy, and a bible of who, what and where. Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It s not just about sketching an outfit, it s about selecting fabric, developing buttons, sourcing a factory, negotiating prices, making patterns, seeing the final launch and selling garments. This multi-faceted industry is exciting, enigmatic and endless. Although art colleges have an unceasing interest in the workings of the fashion industry, too many choose to focus on design rather than on the technical elements.

In contrast, this guide is an A to Z of the whole fashion process of design, production and marketing. In that respect, it fills a gap in the market of books that give guidance for professionals embarking on or preparing for a career in the fashion industry. People who buy Blue is the New Black want to know how to create a collection. They want to roll up their sleeves and do it, but they need practical instruction on the different phases. They don t want to read about data management systems or the latest developments in polyester thread; they want to understand what a range plan is and how to look at a prototype in a factory. Understanding the three profiles of her readers first jobber, creative entrepreneur and creative graduate as the author does, she realized that the publications currently available would alienate them and ignore their needs. Seeing this gap in the market, she wrote it herself, to the benefit of a million young professionals and students aspiring to enter and get ahead in the fashion industry.

Susie Breuer has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry covering all markets, from mass-produced High Street to Italian catwalk couture. Her career has included positions as Production and Development Director for Karl Lagerfeld and more recently Development Director for the New York Runway line at Tommy Hilfiger and Design Manager at Pepe Jeans. She is currently an independent consultant to various fashion labels, based in Amsterdam."