The bestselling book on communication between women and men released on CD for the first time. Read by the author and designed for repeat listening, this CD tells you all you need to know about members of the opposite sex and how to deal with them for positive, happy relationships. First published in 1993, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus has become an international publishing phenomenon and is one of the most famous non-fiction publications of all time. This lively and accessible guide to successful communication between the sexes is now available on CD for the first time. The book has already helped millions of readers across the globe understand why members of the opposite sex behave the way they do and has increased understanding and communication between men and women. This authoritative guide will help you reach a point of harmony and understanding where both sexes can live, work and love together. Learn: * what makes members of the opposite sex tick * how to understand their verbal and non-verbal language * how to motivate the opposite sex, avoid arguments and get what you want * how to keep your love alive.