MBA In A Week

Business brilliance just got easierThis very practical 'seven-day MBA' does not assume prior knowledge and distils the most practical business insights from MBA studies into easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks.

Ambitious people on the corporate ladder see achieving an MBA as a way to get ahead and to demonstrate their ambition - in short, to rise head and shoulders above the ranks of the other junior managers in their organizations. Creating visions for growth and spearheading their implementation gets you noticed by top management looking for vigorous new blood to lead the organizations of the future. But it is difficult to create all-embracing, organization-wide visions for growth if you don't really understand how the other departments - departments other than yours - work together.

Studies for an MBA degree don't set you apart just because you have a certificate on your office wall. Knowledge of other departments' aims and objectives, and the workplace challenges their managers face, gives you an inside track on how to improve the overall efficiency of the organization - while making sure that your work gets the credit it deserves! The abilities you will develop will gain the respect of your peers, and your own department's increased efficiency will be noticed by senior management.

This seven-day 'MBA In A Week' raises your game - ambitious managers can learn in a week what the experts learn in a lifetime. You will learn how to integrate the objectives and operations of the whole enterprise into new formations that will deliver sustainable growth and increased shareholder value - as well as impress your boss or a potential new employer at interview!

Over this week-long course you will cover:

- Sunday: Global business pressures and change

- Monday: Finance, economics and accounting

- Tuesday: Entrepreneurship, ethics and social responsibility

- Wednesday: Strategy and marketing

- Thursday: Operations management

- Friday: Organizational behaviour and human resources management

- Saturday: Research and change management