21st Century Workforces and Workplaces

Every day, workplace decisions are made that directly impact and change the workforce of tomorrow. From the way we are managed to the rewards we receive, all aspects of our work life are determined by the changing dynamics of the workplace. Recent concerns about globalisation, productivity and the introduction of new technologies have raised questions about the future of the workforce and job security. But are these concerns really justified? 

21st Century Workforces and Workplaces charts, explains and analyses the past five years, which has seen the rewriting of much of what we thought we knew about employment and how workplaces respond to pressure. The book also outlines what hasn't changed and, in doing so, distinguishes myth from reality.

Stephen Bevan, Ian Brinkley, Zofia Bajorek and Cary L. Cooper combine their considerable expertise to discuss the critical questions for any member of any workplace, including:

· Are permanent, long-term jobs a thing of the past?
· Does work have to be a 'place'?
· How will future managers be selected, educated and developed?
· What is the future for trade unions? 
· Beyond pay, how will rewards evolve to incentivise workers alongside responsible capitalism?
· Are we seeing the end of retirement? 

This book takes what we know and projects how the future labour market will develop. 21st Century Workforces and Workplaces asks what sort of work environments we want to see in 2025 and what we can do today to help bring about the necessary changes.