Dot And Dash Collection (With CD)

Puppy and kitten line is a good friend, they like to play with a lot of friends, there are high giraffes, small mice, large elephants! Small format, with a lovely style, with a simple story, give the child an important character education! Based on the child's life experience, simple and repetitive sentence, suitable for children to develop basic English reading ability.

This set of books contains 8 paperback books and a read aloud CD:

1. Dot and Dash Find a Friend (Theme: know a friend)

2. Dot and Dash Out and About (Theme: Teamwork)

3. Dot and Dash Make and Do (topic: mutual help)

4. Dot and Dash Go to Bes (Theme: life routine)

5. Dot and Dash Eat Their Dinner (Subject: picky eaters)

6. Dot and Dash Lots of Love (Theme: Understanding numbers)

7. Dot and Dash Dress Up (Theme: Dress)

8. Dot and Dash Learn to Share (Theme: Share)