Decodable Readers Box Set Level D (With CD)

This book is designed for the school before a large package, the children learn spelling skills, to start practicing pinyin, and then can be read independently, the entire English learning process of gradual and orderly, this set of books is enough, the learning effect very good.

Learning music Pinyin A-level text content is very simple, each sentence of the basic words in 5 or less, up to no more than 10, from the first two words of the sentence began to increase. Sentences for the statement and interrogative sentences. Read the picture is simple and clear, text and picture content to match, let the children through the picture to deepen understanding of the vocabulary. Featured 20 stories, the content humorous, stimulate children's interest in learning.

The word with the word family repeated, read rhyme interesting, deepen the child's memory of the same word family words. Some of the sentences, words and pictures appear in the sentence at the same time, parents or teachers can cover the word, let the children try to figure words and words, to consolidate the content of what they have learned, in addition to reading the alphabet.